Good morning Telstar!   Today is Wednesday, September 7th, a White day.                                   

Today’s Morning announcements: Delayed start

Today’s menu is: Pepperoni pizza or peanut butter and jelly sandwich

From Student Council:  We can't wait to see everyone in their Western Wednesday attire today!  Tomorrow is Surfers vs. Bikers.  Find your Doc Martens, leather vests, or flip flops and surf shorts for tomorrow.  


Here are the dress up day percentages from yesterday's movie character monday: 

9th grade: 13%

!0th grade: 32%

11th grade: 45%


Don't forget if you plan to bring a guest to the Homecoming dance on Saturday night, you must get a dance pass into Mr. Eliot at the end of today.  The dance is from 7-10pm with a $5 admission.  


And lastly, here are the total points towards winter carnival:

9th grade: 40 points

10th grade: 30 points

11th grade: 65 points

12th grade: 65 points 


All phones are not to be used while walking around the hallways, same goes for ear buds. From 7:40 am until dismissal, cell phones are allowed during breakfast, lunch, or in the classroom with teacher permission.

 The fitness room will be opening in a month.  Stay tuned for details…..


Students – There are no hats worn in school nor backpacks being carried around during the school day.  Please use your lockers that have been assigned to you. Thank you for complying with the school rules.

All  new drivers,  please register vehicles with the High School office.


Please stand for the Pledge.  


Have a great day Telstar!